‘Semblant’ is a 3-minute piece for The LUME space in The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields. Created over four months, making use of CG and photographic elements, and  Sprawling over 30,000 feet to encompass the entire fourth floor of the museum, Semblant is an immersive experience exploring the congruence within dichotomies. When does the fascinating become mundane? Why does one thing illicit fear and the other excitement? What makes something alien vs familiar? Can violence be graceful? How much of purpose is accidental? How does our belief about a thing depend on our perspective? 
Semblant takes an overarching perspective of so many things I am interested in and blends them into a space where the viewer gets to choose their own adventure. What do you spend time with? What captures your attention? What parts do you ignore? 
With a space to fill like the LUME the opportunity was there to create a work that felt not only seen but experienced by the viewer.
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