I was excited to work with Torus Eyes. They asked me to consider two songs and Ancestors stood out to me.
I couldn't help but feel  a sort of melancholy in it.  It's a metaphorical check in asked politely enough but for me a question with no response. Spoken into a void.  Are we passing thru or being passed thru? Are we history or action? Are we important? Are we nothing?  Are we looking for something or the thing that is looked for and how does that shape our discovery? That's what I was thinking about when I made this.
Torus Eyes themselves has a bit of a different take on this piece. I took these from two different interviews they did and I kind of love them both. Our art is never our own and becomes the sum of its interpretations.
“Ancestors  is a visual cosmic journey of death traveling through space. Through alien coral reef and dendritic mirror ribbons, death’s journey through space reveals the beauty of this universe. The music’s rushing energy leads to a sonic wormhole odyssey, ending with the visualization that we all arise from one source."
"[Ancestors is] a cosmic journey where the beauty of the Universe reveals itself, as the soul of the passenger increases in depth, as the physical bodies of notions and misgivings melt away with haste and radical existentialism."
Video by: CBRUV (Charles Borowicz)
Music Produced by: Torus Eyes
Music and Lyrics by: Torus Eyes
Mastered by: PITS

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