My work is multidisciplinary, exploring solo and collaborative efforts, photo, video, sound, animation, compositing, and 3D elements to create complex work that is outside the bounds of any one traditional form. I constantly photograph, video, transcribe, and audio record the world around me looking for anything from mundane elements in concert to the sublime writ large. This ongoing sketchbook serves as both fundamental exercise and exploration for future work. 
I have an interest with the image as the thing itself and inviting long looks from the viewer.  I find deep satisfaction in exploring, and the awkward. I savor moments, both insipid and inspired.  Becoming more than the result. The transitions where the action is messy.  What we do rather than what we want to do. What happened rather than how we intend it to be?  I watch the spaces between, look for the magic in the 'nothing' between 'somethings', and try always to encounter the familiar with fascination. 
I am enamored with the long look of photography. I see the world and its familiar forms grow stranger the longer I look. I believe we are surrounded by a glorious chaos that we interpret as mundanity.  All moments are valid and interesting in their own right, and it is up to us to pass through the familiar to the fascinating. I actively un-curate my image-making, leaving room for chance and circumstance to shape it. I am attracted to documenting the non-event as I try to sharpen my blur of understanding this world. I want to encounter the Real, the Actual, and in doing so I try to create photographic events that restrain me from coloring what I capture with my intention and avoid allowing the subject to react to the act of being photographed.

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