Charles Borowicz
My Personal work has revolved around experimental form concerned with a fascination for the simple, the everyday and the monumental moments within. I find deep satisfaction exploring chance, the awkwardness of our shared reality, and the power of the simple. I enjoy the magic of the normal. 
The world is human made but not unnatural. Human artifacts are a kind of concentrated nature. They are intense, rapid and specific -   hyper-natural. We leave our hyper-natural marks on this world as ideas, as tools, as structures, as culture. Some are monumental and proof of mastery others ordinary and mundane even trivial - proof of clumsiness. By surrendering to contemplation and meditating on our relationships to these hyper-natural marks, my work passes thru the familiar and searches for fascination.
I work in Video and Photography playing with the Hyper-natural mark on both a personal level and a public/social level. I am content to document it when I find it but I am not above coaxing it out. I find photography and video, the media of our time, uniquely suited to this endeavor.  The facade of transparency and the invisible manipulation inherent in both of these media, along with the familiarity of the grammar of the photographed image and the language of film invite the viewer in. This is something they recognize. Something they instinctually know. It is in fact hyper-natural itself.​​​​​​​
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